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Tips when starting out on Marlo's Gut Health powder

Tips when starting out on Marlo's Gut Health powder

Each dog or cat is different in regards to what's going on if they are experiencing tummy issues. Also, it could be a chronic issue or intermittent or sometimes just once in a while. 

When giving our powder for the first time my recommendation is to give it daily for one week and see how your fur baby goes. You can then start to reduce it to every second day then once a week and again , see how they go. If it is a chronic issue it may be the case that you need to do it daily or at the very least once a week but it may also be the case that you do it fortnightly or just whenever you notice sign or symptoms of tummy issues such as diarrohea, vomiting, nausea, gurgly tummy, acid reflux, pacing at night, panting, Pancreatitis, IBD to name a few.

You will work it out along the way to see what works best for them. There is no set guideline as to the frequency.

Another important tip is to start at a lower dosage then the maximum daily dose which is 2ml of paste per kilo of body weight.

As an example: If your dog weighs 10kg then 20mls of the mixed paste is the maximum daily dose however my recommendation when starting out is to start lower so I would do half of the maximum dose so that would be 10mls daily. Try to give half in the morning and half at bedtime.

In most cases the lower dose is effective but if not then you can go up but not over the maximum.

I find that mixing the powder with water to form a yogurt consistency paste works best in lining the digestive tract rather than just sprinkling the powder of food. You can still put the dose of paste into their food which is the easiest but you can also syringing it into their mouth if that works better for you.