Marlo's Story


On the 15th of July 2020 my best friend passed away after a very challenging year suffering from Pancreatitis, IBD and other gut issues. His name was Marlo.


Marlo was a Golden Labrador who came to me when he was 5 from a pet Rescue Organisation.

Dog Rescue Organisation

He had a rough start to his life and he came to me when I was going through a very traumatic period in my life so together we moved away from Sydney in 2009 and started a new life in Coffs Harbour.

Coffs Harbour Dog Gut Health

In late 2019, Marlo started to show signs of pain, discomfort and just “ not himself”. Many trips to the vets later, it always led back to him having Arthritis in his back legs and spine so we continued to treat him as though this was all due to his advancing arthritis. 

Dog Veterinary Gut Health

In early 2020, he started to display symptoms that are not in my opinion attributed to arthritis such as; restlessness, especially at night, sometimes he would arch his back, vomiting, but the worst symptom was diarrhoea and blood everywhere.

Dog Health Issues

 It was so upsetting and to see him in pain, I just felt so useless and unable to help him.

Finally, Marlo was diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis and Irritable Bowel Disease.

On the 15th of July 2020, my best friend passed away.

Dog Gut Health Issues

 Community & Support for Australian Pet Owners

I started to join Facebook groups to gather information and support for other dog parents going through a similar experience. I noticed that all these groups were based in U.K or the U.S. I also noticed that they had access to so much more products and low fat food then here in Australia. I also wanted to make available to Australian dogs a holistic gut remedy that was not available here and I knew that this would be a huge benefit to our fur babies who have gastro intestinal issues.

Dog Health Support Community

When Marlo passed away I wanted him to leave behind his Legacy. He was such a caring and loving dog - so what better way then to bring more awareness, support, information sharing to Australia and a Natural remedy available to the Australian market to help our pets with digestive issues. 

So, this is how Marlo’s Gut Health Powder became an idea and was developed as a tribute to my boy Marlo.


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