DMB Calculator

Our Dry Matter Basis calculator lets you calculate how high the nutrients (i.e. protein, fat, fiber) percentages are, whilst ignoring the moisture content of the food. 

How to use this DMB Calculator: 

  • Put the nutrient's percentage number under "Nutrient"
  • Put the water percentage number under "Water"
  • Result: Dry Matter Basis
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This Dry Matter Basis Calculator may assist you when trying to work out the percentage of fat in a particular pet food brand. I know when I was doing this for Marlo it was difficult as I did not realise that you also need to take into consideration the DMB (Dry Matter Basis) and how to remove the water/moisture content from foods when you are checking to see what the fat content of a food is or comparing wet food vs dry/Kibble food.

Dry Matter Basis (DMB) removes the water from the equation. When foods are considered on a dry matter basis, they can be directly compared to one another. So other words, a canned food with 78% water can now be compared to a dry food that contains 11% water or two wet foods with different amounts of moisture using the following equation: