Since starting this journey for Marlo's Legacy and bringing Marlo's Gut Health Powder to Australia I have been astounded as to how many of our best friends are suffering with gut issues . 

I have had such great feedback from those who have purchased the product and it makes me so happy to know that Marlo is in some way helping other dogs and cats.🐈‍⬛🐶

Here are some testimonials from Google my business:

From Vanessa:

My beautiful dog Dijon suffers from chronic pancreatitis. It can be such a worrying time as he wont eat anything in hospital and even when sent home is nauseous and anorexic. I had heard of slippery elm to line the GI tract and help with nausea. I was so excited to hear that there was now a product in Australia developed for dogs which included slippery elm as well as milk thistle to support the liver. I now use Marlos Gut Health Powder whenever Dijon eats something he shouldn't or shows those initial signs of nausea. This has definately prevented an outbreak of his pancreatitis and has improved his overall guy health. This powder is a life saver, thanks Marlo 💞 

What a great result Vanessa. I am so happy that  Marlo's legacy is helping Dijon and you to manage his symptoms at home. ❤️🐶

From Angela M

Your product helped my girls greatly. Thank you

From A Szakos

What a life saver, Marlo's Gut Health powder has saved me on vet bills as I can now manage my babies tummy issues from home.

From Hannah W-E

My dog Cedar suffers from gas and irregular stools despite fine tuning his diet. Marlo's Gut Health powder calmed his tummy sooo much, noticeably less gas, no bloating and he sleeps so much better at night. Can't recommend it enough.

Thank you Hannah. I am so glad it has helped Cedar  🐶❤️

From Chez, DAz and Maggie 🐶

Hi Sue, I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that Maggie is doing great on Marlo’s Powder. 

Maggie joins us on the bed in the morning, on this morning she had what we call her squeaky belly ( it makes all sort of squeaky gurgling sounds) a sign that she won’t be her self today. Usually off her food and doesn’t drink much either, a bit worrying, she also seeks out grass to eat.
So I decided it was a good time to try out Marlo’s Powder. I mixed it into a little broth (I make her food) and encourage her to eat a bit. She was great all day. I continue to give her a dose morning and night for the next 2 days. On the 3rd day we were out and she picked up and ate 1/2 a cooked chicken bone before I could take it off her, this type of thing will always make her sick but she wasn’t too bad. The next day she was a bit lethargic and off her food but I got some of Marlo’s Power into her and she was back to herself in a couple of hours. On other occasions when she has eaten something she shouldn’t it will take 24 to 48 hours to get her back to her happy self. 
I have to mention that this product is so simple to make up and leave in the fridge, we are travelling so space and simplicity is very important. 
Thanks you so much Sue for developing Marlo’s Powder it has made a huge difference in all our lives, we hated seeing our fur baby off her food and play and now that we have something to treat her with it’s happy puppy 
 happy mum and dad 😁😁
Kind Regards and much gratitude to you and Marlo for this amazing product. 
Hi Chez
Wow, that's so great to hear. I am delighted to hear that the powder is helping Maggie. That's all I ever wanted...to help our dogs here in Australia 💕
Meet Dejon, this is what his Mumma wrote:
'" Deej had a very sore belly and diarrhoea and vomitting and he feels so much better now. Thanks Marlo and Sue for helping me"
Aww Deej, we are so happy you feel better 💕
From Trish in Melbourne
Thank you .Baxter certainly is doing very well on the powder . Kind regards
FROM PAM- Western Australia
My girl has been diagnosed with IBD and Marlo's Gut Health Powder has made a huge difference. She would often wake in the morning with gurgling stomach and vomiting but since I started giving her this at bedtime it has not been happening and her appetite has improved greatly. She still gets an occasional flare due to eating something she shouldn't but this helps her get over it more quickly too.
Thank you for making this available, its been a godsend.
Review left by Lily 
This powder has even helped my rabbit Wally.