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What's in Marlo's Gut Health powder and how can it help my dog or cat?

What's in Marlo's Gut Health powder and how can it help my dog or cat?

Our amazing powder is a all natural, human grade herbal remedy to help your dog or cat's tummy feel better quickly.

🌱 Join the growing number of Australian families who are choosing to give their pets better lifestyle choices, such as giving their dogs natural supplements to fight their digestive issues🐶

One of our awesome herbs in Marlo's Gut health powder is Milk Thistle

The liver is the major organ targeted by milk thistle therapy. This is because milk thistle has great potential in supporting the liver and detoxifying the body. The main component of milk thistle, Silymarin, is believed to have significant benefits to liver health however you should always seek your vets opinion and have blood works done on your pet to see if their liver is healthy. 

Silymarin can work as an antioxidant for the liver - it scavenges free radicals and stabilizes liver cell membranes. It also stimulates the production of new liver cells.

It is found that many dogs with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) also have liver and pancreas inflammation. So if your dog has IBD as well as liver/pancreas issues, using milk thistle to help treat the liver and pancreas issues may indirectly help dog's with IBD as well.

There are three more amazing herbs in our powder, you can read more under "benefits".

We offer free postage, its Australian made and packaged here too. Our powder has been formulated by a leading naturopath here in Australia. You can read what some people have written after using this remedy under "Testimonials"