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Its all about our pets and their health !!

Its all about our pets and their health !!

🐶🐈‍⬛Times are tough economically at the moment, that's for sure and we are all considering how we spend out money. Its a difficult problem to face when we have a pet that has gut issues and trying to find the best solution to make them feel better.

Our product is all natural and its a way of managing symptoms at home if they have any tummy issues. Symptoms can be obvious and they can be subtle. Some of these symptoms can be:

The most common are: Diarrhoea, Constipation, Vomiting, Nausea, gurgly tummy, bloating, excessive gas, acid reflux, eating alot of grass.

Sometimes symptoms can be overlooked or not associated with a gut issue, these could be : Pacing especially at night and not able to settle, drinking less, loss of appetite, licking or chewing their paws, tear stains appearing around their eyes.

Of course your first call would be to your vet for a proper check up but once you know that it is a gut issue then managing symptoms at home can help reduce your vet bills.

Marlo's Gut Health Powder is human grade, formulated by a qualified Naturopath and packaged in Australia. You can administer daily if its a chronic condition or just when its a flare up or you notice that your dog or cat is not themselves.

Send us a message if you would like more information or order online, its free shipping in Australia🐾