9 Ways to a Healthy Dog

9 Ways to a Healthy Dog

9 Ways to a Healthy Dog

Dogs are like humans in many ways, but they differ in one distinct way: dogs cannot speak. A dog’s only method of communication is by the things it does. This means that if there is something wrong with your dog, or if something hurts, you may not know until it starts to show physical signs.

You can be certain that dogs are happy when they are well cared for, but if you don’t know what to watch out for, you could end up losing your pet due to illness or injury. By taking the time to teach yourself these 9 things about dogs, you will not only keep your pet healthy, but you will likely save a lot of money on vets bills in the long run.

Provide adequate shelter

When the weather is nice, your dog might not mind playing around outside all day long. However, if you own a dog that spends most of its time outdoors, you need to make sure that it has an adequate shelter to keep it protected from any extreme weather conditions. If you can’t provide your outdoor dog with an appropriate shelter, you might need to bring him or her inside where it is safe.

Dog House Outside Shelter

Supply clean, dry bedding

Be sure to provide your dog with comfortable and cozy bedding that is easy to keep clean. Dogs often like to roll around in the grass, and then come and lay down on their beds (especially if they are wet), which means you need to make sure that it can be easily washed.

Provide fresh & clean water

Water is essential, but it also can be dangerous if not handled properly. You need to make sure your dog always has enough fresh water available to drink.

Fresh Water For Healthy Dogs

Maintain proper body weight

If your dog starts to gain or lose weight, you should take action. Excess weight can lead to health problems, while not enough weight can mean that your furry friend doesn’t have enough energy. If you want to keep an eye on your pet’s overall health, you need to take it in for regular veterinary examinations. This way the vet can find out what might be causing any abnormalities that are occurring.

Watch out for changes in behaviour or temperament

A dog’s temperament and behaviour can change rapidly. If you notice your pet becoming lethargic, not wanting to play with other dogs, not jumping up on the furniture or exhibiting any new behavioural patterns that it didn’t have before, then you might need to take action.

Exercise your dog regularly

If you keep your dog active, it will be much healthier in both body and mind. This doesn’t mean that your pooch needs to go out and run a marathon every day; you just need to give it sufficient exercise.

Play with your dog daily

Dogs are pack animals; they love to play and explore the world. Without interactive games like fetch or tug-of-war, your dog might start acting out in negative ways. 

Healthy Dog Playing Outside

Visit your vet regularly

Your dog is part of the family, so you need to make sure it remains in good health by taking it to regular veterinary examinations. Your vet can give your pet an annual checkup and provide any vaccinations that are needed.

These ten things about dogs are a great guide for any pet owner. This information will help to equip you with some key knowledge that will keep your furry friend safe and healthy for many years to come.

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Note: This information is not meant to substitute the advice of a veterinarian. If you suspect your dog may be ill consult with your vet before treating it in the case that it's something more serious.